3D Foam Art

3D Foam Art

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Those neat hearts and swans barristas swirl onto the top of your coffee are all well and good, but look at this instead! 3D foam art is the latest thing, with cute cats and teddies whipped up from your cappuccino and decorated by hand.

It’s a real labour of love to create these offerings, using heaps of super-frothed milk, then painstakingly adding the details with cocoa and a cocktail stick. At the Hong Kong café where I enjoyed mine, customers were paying several times the regular cost and waiting up to 30 minutes for their drink, but everybody had one and the place was full.

How to destroy such a wonderful piece of art by drinking it? Luckily, the foam shape lasts for ages, long enough for you to sip your drink carefully whilst it sinks gracefully to the bottom of the cup. My cappuccino kitten (above left) was adorable, and well worth the HK$50 I paid for it. The cat on the iced latte belonged to the customer ahead of me, and the bear was at the next table. Comparing foam masterpieces is a great way to make new friends!