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I have mentioned Arteastique before, as they serve a fascinating range of teas including medicinal, alcoholic and ice cream float varieties. The Art part of the name, however, is something else again.

Half the café is taken up by a studio crammed with canvases on easels. For S$48 for a 2 hour session (including a free tea, of course) you can help yourself to all the paints and brushes you want and create your very own masterpiece.

Daughter #2 and I tried this out one afternoon in the holidays and, although neither of us is especially artistic, we had an excellent time. You can pay more and join a class, but for the most part it is just an opportunity to splash paint around and express your inner Van Gogh.

I was wondering what would happen to the finished work, and was expecting to return and collect it on a later day when it was dry. The alternative – trying to carry a 50×50 cm canvas covered in wet acrylics onto a crowded MRT train – was fairly horrifying, but the solution turned out to be ingenious.

Using a specially designed cardboard cover and a hefty stapler, the staff had our wet paintings packed up in such a way that the painted surface was completely protected yet untouched by the cardboard – I was very impressed.

My painting went straight into the recycle – it was just a therapeutic exercise after all, but it was so much fun I will definitely be back to do some more.