Beer Ice Cream

Beer Ice Cream

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This sounded so bizarre I had to try it. Milk and beer? Not the sort of thing you would immediately consider to be a happy combination, although it is possible someone imagined this might be an interesting variation on the American classic root beer float.

Although it was advertised with a standing banner on Nathan Road in Hong Kong, the Little Corner ice cream shop where this is sold was down a side street and completely empty despite the crowds mere yards away.

I was surprised to see that they don’t just have plain beer ice cream, but a different flavour every day, and luckily I was there on a day when it came with a plain milk base rather than one mixed with green tea. (Beer with milk AND green tea?… I might not have been able to face that!)

At HK$42 it was a bit pricey, but not too expensive for such an unusual item. And to be honest, I quite liked it at first, although that may be because it was made with a slightly sweet ‘rosé’ beer that tasted almost fruity. Pretty soon, however, the harsh under taste of the beer came through and I came nowhere near finishing my cone.

An amusing experience, though.