Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

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Brunch is big business in Singapore, and you have to get up early to catch a table at the more popular spots. But whilst the available variations on eggs with toast are enormous, you have to make a real effort to find something interesting and new.

This particular offering, at the Humpback on Bukit Pasoh, was very appealing as a way to kick start a lazy weekend. Their Bloody Mary menu gives you the chance to mix and match a whole array of different ingredients to create the eye-opener of your choice.

With 7 spirits, 3 juices, 14 condiments and 12 garnishes to choose from, you’d probably need a computer to calculate the number of possible permutations. I went for the chili tequila with clamato juice, plus black pepper, celery salt, bacon and pickled prawn (since you can choose 2 each of the condiments and garnishes). It was amazing, especially the bacon and prawn, and I cannot wait to go back and try a different combination.

I know, tequila for breakfast…. Ssshh!