Body Powder Sheets

Body Powder Sheets

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In tropical Singapore, it is easy to find yourself hot and sticky after just the slightest exertion. If you are heading for home and a shower, it isn’t a problem, but when you are out for the day you can end up feeling grubby and uncomfortable.

So I was interested to see these wipes on sale in Hong Kong based beauty store SaSa. The ‘4 layer thick’ sheets promised to clean and refresh the body, leaving behind a film of body powder with a berry scent.

Slightly larger than, but otherwise identical to your usual travel-sized wet wipes, the re-sealable pack holds 10 sheets, just one of which is big enough to wipe down a fairly large acreage of skin. The scent is strong but actually smells like fruit rather than anything chemical, and although there seemed to be no sign of powder, once the moisture dried my skin did feel smooth and matt as promised.

My one complaint was that – although the instructions say the wipes can be used all over, but avoiding the eye area – it made the skin on my face tingle unpleasantly. For everywhere else, though, this was a really nice product and I will be packing what’s left the next time I am out and about in the heat.

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