Breast Mud

Breast Mud

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‘Discover the secrets of Balinese beauty’, claims the box, with delightful artwork including some very suggestively shaped hills. ‘The mud mask is made from mud which has a strong tightening, straining and shaping effect…’

Look more closely and you will discover that the mud is actually from the Dead Sea, and there is no suggestion that the coconut extract and various other herbal ingredients in there come from Bali itself or even anywhere else in Indonesia.

But I was on the loose in Jakarta looking for shopping entertainment, and this seemed like a good idea at the time.

Fast forward to the point when I decided to try this out. For a start, having experienced a DIY all-over mud mask at the Dead Sea for real, I can tell you that this bears no resemblance. It smells a lot better, but otherwise there is simply no comparison.

This could better be described as Dead Sea sand, because it is pinkish and gritty, not to mention impossible to mix into any useful consistency. I tried for ages, adding water as instructed, adding more product in the hope of producing ‘mud’ which could easily be applied. But all I got was either wet sand, or sand at the bottom of a bowl of water.

It really did not stick as expected, with grit ending up everywhere – I tried this in the bath and ended up showering several times afterwards then still finding bits the next day. On the other hand, it did function fairly well in the way of an exfoliating salt scrub, and my skin did end up feeling silky smooth.

There is enough in the pack for several applications, but there was so much mess in my bathroom I do not expect I will be using this product again.