Breast Pack

Breast Pack

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The beauty market is awash with ‘sheet’ masks – most for your face, but a variety of others designed to target specific spots like eyes and nose and chin. Sheets for the body are now beginning to catch up, although they tend to focus on ‘fat’ areas such as tummy and thighs.

Now, however, first spotted in Seoul but recently available in just a couple of stores in Bangkok and Singapore, come sheet masks for your breasts. But choose carefully, because they mostly need to stay on for an uncomfortable 4 to 6 hours.

The 1 hour version I sampled was actually bad enough. The masks themselves are apparently made with ‘high density hydrogel and elasticity-sheet patch’, which turns out to mean a thick, stretchy, sticky fabric almost identical to the ‘fever’ patches commonly used in Japanese kindergartens to soothe the brows of fretful toddlers. This material is shaped to ‘hug the breast’ and uses pueraria extract, a phytoestrogen or plant hormone which ‘activates lifting effect of breast, and body line balance’. According to the product details, this is a traditional Thai beauty aid as used by ‘royal people’. Some mention of increased breast volume is in there, too, and a promise of moist and soft skin when the patches are removed.

Hmmm… any sales assistant worth their salt will tell you to buy at least a dozen of whatever is in your hand, because it takes time and repeated applications for any effect to show. In this case, it may well be true, because there was no discernible effect at all. Just an hour feeling rather disconcerted by the cool, sticky embrace of these patches, followed by an irritating few minutes trying to scrub off the gluey stuff left behind. If my skin was moist at that point, it was because I was using a wet towel to get rid of anything which would leave me welded to my bedclothes in the night.

At S$12.90 a pack, I suspect I will not be trying this item out on a weekly basis after all.