Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

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Bubble Tea is one of those food trends that isn’t going away – in Singapore at least. It’s a bit of a teen craze, with the flavoured, milky teas ‘sweetened’ with sago pearls and fruity boba balls that burst in your mouth like caviar.

So it was only a matter of time before someone took the idea and turned it into a cute and colourful beauty product.

Step up Etude House, who have already entertained the youth market successfully with the likes of ‘dessert’ lip and cheek colours, plus ‘jam’ shower gel teamed with a ‘toast’ sponge.

Their latest offering is a sleeping pack made to look exactly like a cup of bubble tea, with milky strawberry gel plus dark red moisture capsule boba to stir up from the bottom, which promises to bring bright vitality to your skin overnight.

The trick is to scoop up a boba with the clip-on spoon provided, then squish it on your palm and stir it up with some of the pale pink gel. You apply this to your face (leaving enough time for it to soak into your skin rather than the pillow) and let it work whilst you sleep.

The product smells delicious and feels silky smooth, although you do look slightly odd and shiny when it is first applied. Daughter #2 and I have had fun with this and are using it on a regular basis.

You can get this in black and green tea versions as well, and each cup is supposed to contain enough to use every night for a month. It’s a really nice treat and not bad value at about S$20 a pot.

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