Buffalo Skin

Buffalo Skin

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One of the things I love about local produce markets is the amazing variety of things on sale that are completely new to me. In Laos, it was clear that buffalo skin was the front runner in terms of amount and variety on display. Stall after stall had up to a dozen different types, yet I had not seen this on menus or even being eaten from the bag.

It turns out that you need to do a fair amount of preparation before you can reach the point of tasting buffalo skin, which as you might expect is very thick and hard. You can roast it over an open fire until it is charred black, then pound it until it softens and the charred bits have fallen off. You can boil it up in a stew or soup, or you can marinate it with fish sauce and bake it slowly until you have something resembling jerky. You can even deep fry it.

Always game, I bargained for a small bag of pale white strips, but was not prepared for the appalling stench that greeted me as I opened it. There are limits. Not wanting to waste it, I sent samples to daughter #1, whose dog did eat it but promptly threw up. (Daughter #1 already treats my souvenir parcels with suspicion, now I am really in her bad books…)

Whilst part of me is sorry I failed to sample what is clearly a Laotian speciality, it appears I may have had a lucky escape!