Build A Burger

Build A Burger

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With the possible exception of MOS, I don’t do burgers. But I know people who do and so it was I found myself in a branch of McDonalds offering something a little bit different.

For a start there was a touch screen ordering system, although since you still had to queue for your food I am not sure how much time that saved. I suppose at least it ensured you actually got what you thought you had ordered, or if not then it was your own mistake…

But the real draw here was the chance to create your own burger through a series of steps offering a choice of condiments, toppings and so on.

You want caramelised onions, jalapeno relish and pineapple on there? Pickles, mustard and guacamole?? No problem! The possible permutations are doubtless too numerous to calculate without technological help, so I have to admit that I was impressed.

This seems to have been a limited trial run in Singapore so far, but (despite it being McDonalds) I sort of hope it will reappear soon.