Bus Speedometer

Bus Speedometer

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This really tickled me, when I noticed it on the bus in Macau – a real time speedometer telling passengers exactly how fast the driver is going. This is the sort of thing you see on methods of transport where the high speed is a selling point – like on the Shanghai maglev train, or the late lamented Concorde.

Here, the electronic display apparently emits a warning beep if the bus is going too fast (the legal limit is 80kph) with the aim being to reduce accidents and make driving in general safer. I must say that it was extremely difficult taking a picture standing up on a moving bus, which is why the photograph is fairly bad… but if you squint you can see the bus is slowing down to 10kph as it reaches its final stop. It made me wonder how fast Macau’s bus drivers would be travelling if they did not have this as a deterrent, but also what a bus load of irate passengers might actually do if a dangerous driver did not slow down.