Bust Up Drink

Bust Up Drink

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bust up

From Japanese beauty firm Kinohimitsu, this box of supplement drinks caught my eye on the shelf at Isetan pharmacy. At S$79.95 for what looked like just a week’s supply, the shelf is where it stayed, but I was curious enough to do a little research.

Interestingly, the company claims that drinking a bottle every night before bed will safely and effectively ‘increase cup size, defy gravity and turn back the effects of ageing by working to increase the plumpness, firmness and perkiness of your breasts from within’. Results are apparently visible within 2 weeks, after which you should drink 1 to 3 bottles a week to maintain the effect. Which sounds like it might turn out to be rather expensive, although perhaps not as expensive or traumatic as actual cosmetic surgery.

The ingredients listed include pueraria mirifica, a plant hormone thought to boost hormone regulation and here to stimulate breast enlargement, green papaya, also rich in enzymes which stimulate female hormones, and collagen, to provide support and elasticity for the breast. And there’s also some Royal Jelly which is full of vitamins and amino acids, and is believed to help smooth skin. (Speaking of royal, there’s also the suggestion that pueraria mirifica is served as ‘royal food’ in Japan). It is worth noting that there are no chemicals, artificial additives or preservatives here, which has to be a good thing.

There’s a lovely diagram online describing all the reasons why you might need this product – flat, droopy, saggy, shrunken and dehydrated being words that figure heavily… But there is an answer. ‘Your breasts are telling you that they need Kinohimitsu J’Pan BustUp Drink!’

In fact, and I quote: ‘One bottle a day for just 14 days will not only make your breasts firmer and toned, the effects will amaze you when your brassieres start feeling tighter after years of having breasts that barely fill the cups.’

Full cups/empty wallet..? Hmm…