Cake Shake

Cake Shake


Also known as ‘freakshakes’ in Australia, which is where the trend apparently started, this completely over the top creation is somehow a teetering combination of dessert and drink which (unless you plan to explode) is enough for several people.

Most popularly available at Cake Spade here in Singapore, it’s a milk shake with ice cream in, topped with a cookie. And a slice of cake. And popcorn, and cookie sticks. And marshmallows, and cream. And drizzled with various sauces. Not to mention stuck together with gooey paste that also holds more tasty sprinkles down the sides of the glass.

It is a virtuoso display of dessert art, clearly requiring a steady hand and excellent balancing skills. It is no wonder each creation costs S$16.90 and takes a good 15 minutes to arrive.

This is the ‘Mudslide’ version, which starts off as a dark chocolate ice cream milk shake, with chocolate cake balanced on a digestive biscuit which acts like a plate on the top of the glass. Nutella holds everything else on top and also on the sides of the glass. Fruity and green tea versions are also available.

It was delicious, it was decadent, it defeated three of us. I know we will be back for more.