Carrot Rabbits

Carrot Rabbits

rabbit 1 rabbit 2

The Japanese have the concept of playing with food down to a fine art. Kawaii bento boxes are filled with cute morsels shaped or decorated to tempt small children to eat their lunch. Supermarkets, department stores and kitchenware shops in Japan all have a dedicated space for the tools required to turn out a super-artistic variation on the ‘sandwich and an apple’ combo that is the norm elsewhere.

Having sent 2 children to school in Tokyo for several years, I have a box-load of interesting things designed to make lunchtime an adventure, some of which may yet make an appearance here. This is something new, however, for which I was happy to part with S$4.

And I can report that making rabbits out of carrot slices is delightfully quick and easy – it took about 3 minutes to make these 2, and that includes the time spent peeling the carrot. Of course you really need a child to make the most of one of these sets (other wildlife including an elephant also available…) but this might also be an amusing garnish for a plate of party canapes.

rabbit 3 rabbit 4 rabbit 5