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mushi mushi

This is something of an acquired taste for a Westerner – silky smooth egg custard, subtly flavoured with fish broth and containing morsels of prawn, mushrooms and the like. It is highly nutritious, really tasty, and remarkably low in calories – rarely more than 150 per pot. A winning combination, if you can get round the idea of eating a savoury version of what is usually a sweet comfort food.

I first encountered this Japanese delicacy at a seaside resort near Tokyo. It appeared towards the end of a long set meal which had been notable for the many unusual tastes and textures we were faced with. I genuinely thought it was dessert, so was horrified to find myself chewing on a piece of fish halfway down the pot. In fact, it was touch and go whether the entire thing would make an embarrassing reappearance.

These days I have grown to love it, so was delighted to see the opening of Mushi Mushi right by my nearest MRT station in Singapore. The pot I regularly choose as a post-gym snack is their crab special, piping hot and covered in delicious, meaty sauce. A snip at S$4.50!