Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea

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This is an odd one. However, chocoholic that I am, I was intrigued, especially by the promise of zero calories a cup and a drink ‘rich in antioxidants to help you stay calm, focused and relaxed’.

This coco and ginger infusion, looking like an upmarket teabag containing bits of brownish bark, is from Hotel Chocolat, a British firm which uses their own grown cocoa in all sorts of things from vinegar and marmalade to beer and body lotion as well as producing a great range of chocolate treats.

The ‘bark’ turned out to be crushed cocoa shell with bits of dried root ginger, which I infused in hot but not boiling water for 4 minutes as instructed. It is supposed to be a pick-me-up, but I wasn’t all that impressed. Maybe I should have left it steeping longer, because there really wasn’t more than a hint of cocoa, and I couldn’t detect the ginger at all.

I don’t know who I am kidding, really. If I want chocolate, I should just go and eat the real thing rather than messing about with half-hearted substitutes.