Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

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The only surprising thing about this idea is – considering how long tea bags have been around – that it has not been on sale until now.

Mind you, it reminds me of the days before fancy fruit and flower flavoured gourmet teas, when your basic ‘builder’s tea’ tasted pretty much of floor sweepings from the tea factory.

I should mention at this point that I have been round a tea plantation in Sri Lanka and examined at first hand the different quality of leaves which are produced. What goes into standard tea bags really does look like sawdust in comparison with the hand-picked superior leaves destined for the special brands.

So, I fully expect that future generations of coffee bags will be vastly better than this particular offering, which is quite frankly the coffee version of floor sweepings. One sip had me thinking of that Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown is offered a cup of cocoa that has actually been made by stirring a cup of hot water with a brown crayon.

But, since I bought this in a Jakarta supermarket and have had fun experimenting with it (adding cocoa does not turn this into a drinkable mocha…) I will say that if all you really need is a caffeine fix in the morning, this might well do the trick.