Coffee Sock

Coffee Sock

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This is a venerable tradition in Singapore… land of the hawker stalls whose drinks menus list a mind-boggling variety of choices which often need translation.

Kopi-O? Kopi-C? Kopi Siew Dai or Kosing?? There are so many local variations on a simple cup of caffeine that they could give posh western coffee chains a run for their money.

The key difference, however, lies in the preparation, and you have to bear in mind that these drinks are usually being produced at double speed by an ‘uncle’ in his vest and shorts rather than a smartly uniformed and aproned barista with a gleaming espresso machine.

So – the coffee sock, the ultimate low tech reusable coffee filter, often seen drying on pegs or racks outside the most popular coffee stalls. Not for coffee snobs, but definitely an unmissable local experience!