Collagen C Mask

Collagen C Mask

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Here’s another sort of sheet mask, a small version designed to curve round your eye and focus on the fine lines in the corners. I would not actually have called this shape a ‘c’, but I suppose it was close enough. It came from Etude House and is billed as ‘formulated with collagen to revitalise and improve appearance around eyes’.

I found it quite hard to follow the instruction to keep the product out of my eyes, as – like most of these sheet type masks – the shapes are positively dripping when you take them out of the packet. They do stay in place, however, which meant I could get on with other things whilst waiting for my 15 minutes to be up.

It is possible there was some tightening and smoothing effect on my laughter lines, but my skin felt slightly uncomfortable afterwards, taut and dry under the sticky coating that was left behind, rather than the ‘smooth and elastic’ feeling promised. I suspect this might work nicely as a mini eye lift under makeup if you were going out somewhere special, but felt that any improvement in my skin tone was lost the next time I washed my face.

But at S$2 for a packet, it was good value and probably worth trying again.