Coloured Henna

Coloured Henna

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Henna designs are such fun – they look fabulous but are strictly temporary, and if you don’t live near an Indian area they are still quick and easy to do yourself.

Up till recently, I thought henna cones only came in that rich brown colour which is so good for colouring hair, too. (‘Black’ henna is actually chemical dye and really not good for you at all, ‘glitter’ henna is just glue which washes right off…)

So I was delighted to see these ‘new’ coloured henna cones on sale as a set at the Ramadan fair in Singapore. They work in exactly the same way, but last just 3 or 4 days before fading to nothing.

I suspect the ingredients are not unrelated to gel food colourings, as they ooze out transparently in a similar way, and set in a sort of hard blob rather than the dry, powdery way that classic henna does.

The drying part is quicker, too, which is nice, and the shiny top layer simply floats off with water rather than needing to be scraped away. Underneath, the colours are really vibrant, although some (especially the yellow) last longer than the others for some reason.

We loved this, and had fun both freestyle drawing and filling in a traditional henna design done the same day in Little India. The set of 6 colours was not cheap at S$20, but was worth every penny and will be used again.

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