Cosmetic Camo Cream

Cosmetic Camo Cream

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Here in Singapore, all the boys (and as many girls as want to) spend 2 years doing National Service between school and university. It’s a rite of passage, during which a certain amount of time is spent training in the jungle, and putting on camouflage cream is just one of the things new recruits need to master.

But it isn’t half as much fun as it looks – army issue camo cream is apparently some sort of vegetable paste which melts like oil on your face. In the rain, it washes into your eyes and really stings. And it goes without saying that whatever the cream is made of, it is harsh on teenage skin.

In a charming attempt to remedy this problem, Korean cosmetics firm Innisfree has come up with a handy compact containing 3 camouflage colours that promise to be gentle with your complexion. It is light, non-sticky and contains protection from UV rays. The perfect gift, in fact, for a Singapore girl to give a boyfriend in the army.

Of course we had to try this, and a suitable recruit was enlisted to compare this ‘extreme power camo cream’ with regular army issue.

And it turns out that it would probably be more use for non-army games like paintballing, or possibly for dressing up. Our tester was polite about the quality but swiftly informed us that out on manoeuvres this would never work. When you are in the jungle, you must be able to ‘camo up’ in 30 seconds or less, so you need to be able to squeeze a big dollop from a tube rather than fiddle around with a palm-sized mirrored compact. What he didn’t say was that this would be far too girly for any NS man to use, but he didn’t really need to.

The matching wipes, however, did get the thumbs up – all the cream was off and face clean again in a matter of moments. So maybe we can just buy him more of those to say thanks for being such a good sport!