Crash Baggage

Crash Baggage

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crash luggage

They don’t make suitcases like they used to. Or maybe we are all travelling more often these days. My bags certainly seem the worse for wear after a very short time, scuffed and scratched, with parts that need regular repair work.

That’s why I was very amused to see this new luggage brand, with pre-damaged suitcases and the tag line ‘Handle Without Care’. The bright colours of this bashed and dented range hide a base made from polycarbonate, which is an incredibly strong material with high temperature and impact resistance. So strong, in fact, that the transparent version is used for such things as jet fighter cockpit canopies, riot shields and bullet proof ‘glass’.

Crash Baggage is Italian, and items in the range cost between 180 to 270 euros, which – whilst expensive – could be a good investment if you travel a lot. And as the manufacturers say: ‘If you crash them more don’t worry, they will be even more awesome’.