Crazy Crisps

Crazy Crisps

I admit, I cannot resist the temptation of some new and unusual flavour, however unlikely it may seem. Hence the taste test of these decidedly crazy crisps whilst daughters #1 and #2 were visiting.

Surprisingly, considering these came from either Thailand or China, they were far less challenging to our taste buds than some of my previous purchases have been.

I was most hopeful of the untranslateable packet, which seemed to promise the flavour of that amazing Thai snack where you parcel bits of onion, lime, garlic, peanut, chilli and dried shrimp into a leaf to eat as you are studying the menu. Sadly, those proved to be oddly sweet, and could have done with a lot more chilli if they were to resemble the real thing.

The scallop flavour was also a disappointment, with barely a sniff of actual scallop and unpleasantly buttery overtones.

The squid variety won universal approval, though – nicely spicy, just enough of a fishy flavour to make it tasty without being overpowering. We agreed we’d probably buy that one again.

As for the cucumber crisps, they were decidedly bizarre. Daughter #1 thought the cucumber taste was interesting, but felt they were too sweet, and might work better with sweet potato crisps. Daughter #2 found them “not unpleasant but a bit weird…” and suggested they might go well with a g+t as an aperitif snack. I really did not like them at all.

Still, you have to try these things!