Dessert Bento

Dessert Bento

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We came across this by chance whilst taking a break from shopping, and were delighted by the idea.

Your normal bento is a classic Japanese meal, comprising of a selection of tasty tidbits served with rice in a compartmented box – you will usually find some fish, some chicken, an assortment of different vegetables plus various pickles, each item cooked a little differently so you have a large range of tastes and textures to enjoy.

Taking the same box and filling it with an collection of different dessert items as an afternoon treat is quite simply a brilliant idea. It reminded me of childhood visits to those old fashioned restaurants with a dessert trolley, when the choice was so wonderful I always wanted a little bit of everything there.

Here at Dolce Tokyo on Orchard Road, you really do get to try a taste of everything instead of having to pick just one cake with your cup of tea. Some items are fixed, although since they are the ‘cake of the day’ and ‘mochi of the day’ it will probably be something different the next time you are there. Otherwise, there are 3 columns of treats, for you to select one item from each.

The bentos are huge, and although two of us ordered one to share, there was way more than we could eat. On the day we were there, the special cake was yuzu, a delicious citrus flavour, and there were 2 sorts of the mochi, which are chewy, pounded rice cakes. We also ended up with flambéed bananas with ice cream and chocolate sauce, a panna cotta with mixed berries, and strawberries covered in red bean paste inside a thin skin of mochi with red beans on the side.

The tea, interestingly, came in those double sided glasses which stay hot on the inside but are cool enough on the outside not to burn your lips. It was all a very civilised experience, and at S$19.90 for the bento, a very reasonable treat.