Dessert Tea

Dessert Tea

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This one is for everyone who ever enjoyed an ice cream float as a child, or who likes those lattes and mochas with a scoop which a few ‘gourmet’ coffee shops  offer.

Essentially, it is iced tea with ice cream on the top, and at Arteastiq in Singapore, there’s a whole section on the menu devoted to the various combinations.  For S$12 you can get such delights as the Lady Yang, which is oolong tea with lychee ice cream, or The Last Eunuch, which has pear (there’s a joke in there somewhere..)

It is all served most elegantly, with the tea in a glass pot ready to pour over the ice cream in its separate, ice cube filled, glass. There are even complimentary cookies on the side.

I am not crazy for iced tea, which I usually find way too sweet, so was glad a friend decided to order this and let me have a taste. It really wasn’t my thing, so I won’t be ordering it for myself any time soon, but it was clearly a hit with the local crowd so I expect to see it popping up all over the place shortly.