DMZ Noodles

DMZ Noodles

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The demilitarized zone between the 2 Koreas is something of a tourist attraction, although one which you have to approach cautiously – tours can be cancelled at a moment’s notice when tensions between the 2 sides rise, and visitors are scrutinised and their documents checked very carefully indeed.

Once you are in the zone, however, it is all a more reassuring experience, with soldiers happy to pose for pictures, and souvenir stands doing a brisk trade in the likes of fake dog tags and bits of authentic barbed wire mounted on special plaques.

My personal preference was for something we could eat, and this ticked all the boxes. Instant noodles are fairly popular in our house, and with daughter #2’s boyfriend currently in the army, camo is also a hit.

So here we are – instant noodles packaged in Korean Army camouflage patterned pouches, a perfect Christmas stocking filler!