Dragon Fruit Crisps

Dragon Fruit Crisps


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Dragon fruit looks spectacular, with its bright pink body and green, ribbon-like, sprouting leaves. Cut it open, and the fruit inside is revealed to be white with black seeds, or a deep beetroot red. It is part of the cactus family, coming originally from Mexico, but grows well all over sub-tropical Asia where it is cheaply and easily available.

Sadly, it doesn’t really taste of anything much, which is presumably why it often comes with a sachet of sweet and sour dipping powder to liven it up a bit. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I rarely buy or eat it… however, I did give it one last chance when I spotted these dehydrated dragon fruit crisps in a Bangkok supermarket.

Let me report that dehydrated dragon fruit is no more exciting than the fresh variety, and the seeds gave these crisps a granulated texture which was a little off-putting. So all in all, a disappointing experience.