Dress Code Masks

Dress Code Masks

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Someone somewhere in the higher echelons of Korean beauty product development has made an interesting leap. When you are wearing one of those sheet style face masks which keep a liquid product firmly on your skin, you actually look fairly silly. It’s the kind of thing which makes you want to hide in the bathroom with the door locked, instead of relaxing on your bed and sofa whilst it works.

Hence, I believe, the spate of masks from every major company, which are patterned or coloured for fun. You do still look a little odd, but by sporting an animal face, or something slightly more elegant like this Dress Code mask with its elaborate pattern, you are sharing the joke with the boyfriend or husband who is inclined to scoff. And for girly get-togethers, this kind of thing makes the experience even more of a group entertainment.

We know these masks work really well – it is nice to be able to flaunt them!