‘Dry’ Tote Bag

‘Dry’ Tote Bag


You don’t have to live in the tropics for rain to be a nuisance – it is deeply annoying, wherever you are, to arrive home with bag and purchases dripping wet. But what if your bag was actually a ‘dry’ bag?

These incredibly useful things, most often available in lurid colours and basic shapes as a vital part of hiking kit, do exactly what they say. Even the flimsiest of them keep your valuables, especially electronics, safe from horrible weather, sometimes even from an unscheduled underwater dip.

So it was very exciting when I found a smart tote bag made of this special fabric, in black. It has strong handles, a pocket inside and – most interestingly – a covered zip that closes so securely that you have to squeeze the air out first, to keep the bag flat.

It looks so good that I have been stopped and asked where I got this, which was at the Design Centre shop here in Singapore. Although at the time I was hesitant to pay the (for me, pretty expensive) S$70 price, it has proved to be worth every cent.

It comes from Rains, a Danish firm which makes stylish and fashionable weatherproof goods including coats, trousers and rain boots as well as a full range of bags, and it has worked so well that I am now considering one of their jackets as well.