Eye Shadow Transfer

Eye Shadow Transfer

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This is another of those mad ideas which looks fabulous in the packet but is so much trouble to apply that it turns out not to be worth the effort. Which is a shame, because if you really could go out with such an amazing design on your lids, you would definitely turn heads.

Like all transfers, these need trimming down first, which in the case of trying to fit them to the shape of your own eyelids, is pretty difficult. Next you need to peel off the protective plastic film, position it all just right, then soak off the paper backing to transfer the design to your skin.

Let’s stop a moment to consider the reality of doing this before you go out on the town. You already have your makeup on, so getting water everywhere is not a good plan. The transfer is really sticky, and you need to sit there with your eye closed so it dries flat on your eyelid. This takes time… twice, and even longer when you discover your eyelids are somehow glued shut so must be prised open gently in an effort not to damage the design.

The end result was, frankly, awful. The design you see when you buy it is actually the undeside, which means the true colours are very much stronger than you are expecting. Plus normal facial movements make the pattern seem wrinkled even on young eyelids.

The only mercy was that the design peeled off fairly easily. It was fun to try, and at 35 Thai Baht a packet, reasonably cheap, but we won’t be trying it again.