Eyebrow Glue

Eyebrow Glue


This was described to me as “like hairspray for eyebrows”, and it is apparently a vital tool in the makeup kit of daughter #2.

It looks like a mascara wand, with the same sort of spiral brush to apply the product, except that this is clear. The brush itself tidies up and straightens the brow hairs, and the ‘glue’ then holds them in place. As a bonus, if you have applied eyebrow pencil then it makes the colour last longer.

Both these things are apparently incredibly useful if you have a fringe, because otherwise, adjusting that can mess up your carefully groomed brows.

Although this is not in the product description, according to daughter #2 you can also make additional use of eyebrow glue on your eyelashes. If you apply it after mascara, let it dry briefly, then use eyelash curlers, the glue sets the lashes really well in their curled position.

(Both the glue and the special mascara remover daughter #2 uses come from Etude House, so experiment carefully if you try this at home with products of your own!)

Photo credit to daughter #2