Eyelash Jewels

Eyelash Jewels

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Here’s another S$2 treat from Daiso – something else you did not know you needed.

This is the sort of thing you see cute teenagers wearing in Harajuku on a Sunday, to complement their frilly dresses and lace. The sparkle of fake jewels on their eyelashes is just one more part of a mind-boggling costume extravaganza.

Having tried to put these on, I have new respect for the time it must take those girls to dress up the way they do. You need fiendishly good eyesight (or a friend with tweezers and a magnifying glass) to get these minute sparklers attached to the even tinier sticky dots provided, then transferred to your lashes.

I struggled for ages, getting jewels stuck everywhere but where I wanted them, and if I’d been wearing eye makeup it would certainly not have survived. When I did get one in place, however, I was surprised to note that whilst I had been expecting it to be a real distraction, I could neither see nor feel it. But I would not like to think how it might hurt if one fell into your eye…

With a spot of assistance and a lot of patience, this might be a nice final touch to a fancy dress costume. Otherwise, best left to the Takeshita dori Lolitas.