Eyeliner Ruler

Eyeliner Ruler

liner ruler 7 liner ruler 2 liner ruler 3

For all of you who find it really hard to achieve that perfectly matched pair of cat’s eye flicks, here’s a small bit indispensable piece of kit you need to have in your make-up bag.

S$2 buys a set of 3 short lengths of bendy, rubbery ‘ruler’ which you can use to draw the lines to the same length and at the same angle. Daughter #2 gave this the big thumbs up and said: “it’s cool! It can be really difficult to make the lines the same, the number of times you have to take it off to do it again… “

For added amusement, the rulers also have a cut out star and heart, so you can stencil those in as well. These are Korean, obviously.