Fashionable Feet

Fashionable Feet

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You know how naked your feet can feel when you are lounging by the pool in a nice hotel… you have your best swimsuit on, with a fancy sarong or floaty cover-up to hand, perhaps a stylish sunhat and a matching bag… yet even with a colourful pedicure, something seems to be missing.

If you really want to accessorise to within an inch of your life, these lace and crochet decorations might catch your eye. They won’t mind getting wet, they don’t have slippery soles, they take up no room at all in your bag, but they give you just the pretty accent you need to saunter barefoot to the bar.

The lace strips are the simplest, the others use elasticated thread for loops that go round your ankle and over your big toe, or just a string with a flower on the end to wind around your leg. Even the beaded designs are surprisingly comfortable and whichever ones I choose, they make me feel like I have tried to fit in on those occasions I find myself beside a 5* pool.

I bought all of these in New York, but if you are handy with a crochet hook or a beading needle you could probably run up something to match your swimwear very quickly.

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