Flying Noodles

Flying Noodles

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Sometimes a meal looks so spectacular that you don’t want to spoil it by eating it. Like these flying noodles, the piece de resistance on the menu at Hana restaurant in Singapore.

Cold noodles served with dipping sauce are a staple on Japanese menus, and very refreshing in hot weather, but here they have (quite literally) been taken to new heights.

The slim white somen noodles arrive draped over chopsticks seemingly suspended in mid-air above a handled wooden bowl. You know it is just an optical illusion, and the chopsticks are fixed by a hidden post, but it looks amazing. There is also a point – it’s not just a fun way to present the dish, but also means that the noodles do not go soggy as they sit in the sauce.

And being cold already, the food is not going to spoil whilst you spend ages admiring it and taking pictures!

There are several variations of this dish, and we tried it with both the salted egg yolk and the truffle oil sauces variations. The verdict? Messy but delicious, and great value for $20!