Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream


Savoury ice creams can be very tasty… I am very partial to the chilli crab version that one of my favourite restaurants here serves, and have always like the smoked salmon and brown bread option that has been around for decades.

I may, however, have hit the wall here.

Mad For Garlic is a restaurant chain which is hugely popular in Korea and now also has a couple of branches in Singapore.

Garlic is a great favourite in our family, so this place had to be tried, and every dish we had up to the point of dessert was delicious. Common sense might have prevailed at that point, but in our case, when it comes to trying new things, I confess that it rarely does.

So we ordered the garlic ice cream.

Technically, it is not really the ice cream that is garlic flavoured, but the ‘sweet garlic jelly’ and ‘garlic berries’ that come with it. But the effect is the same. I am sorry to admit that this was a dish too far. We not only could not finish it, we couldn’t actually face more than a couple of teaspoons each. Good job we only ordered a single portion to share. Never again!