Ggongji Hair Pack

Ggongji Hair Pack

Category : Beauty

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Ggongji means ‘ponytail hair’ in Korea, which is where this product comes from. It is really just a variation on the standard hair pack, except that instead of wrapping the whole thing round your head, this is a narrow bag which you use solely on your ponytail.

It comes with an elastic band to keep it in place, but the illustration also suggests that you tie it with a pretty ribbon, and (since you can use it on dry hair as well as wet, and don’t need to rinse out your hair afterwards) it is designed to be used in the office or whilst putting on your makeup before you go out.

According to the instructions, the treatment involves highly concentrated protein to care for damaged hair ends and bring moisture balance to the hair. ‘Without the help of expensive hair salon expert or hair dressing machine you can quickly take care of your hair at low expense’. When the treatment is over, you simply remove the bag and shake your hair gently.

Daughter #2, who has long enough hair to try this out properly, wore it for the prescribed hour, massaging the bag as instructed to work in as much product as possible. Sadly, she wasn’t particularly impressed, and said she could not really feel any difference in her hair afterwards. The bag was also very basic, and there was no way she would have worn it in public, even with a ribbon. Not much of a loss at only S$7.90, but we won’t be trying this one again.