Glow in the Dark Mask

Glow in the Dark Mask

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This must count as one of those ‘what will they think of next’ products, because apart from the novelty value I can’t think how this particular feature can possibly improve your complexion. But it was too cool to leave on the shelf at Korean beauty store Missha, (especially at the bargain price of S$3.90 a mask) and it was hilarious to try.

This sheet-style mask comes in bat, butterfly and spider patterns, which are simply black and white as you take them out of the packet, but glow with luminous green lines patterns if you switch off the light.

The company says the fluorescent effect is harmless to the skin and ‘makes the face look pretty’, whilst the hyaluronic acid and propolis in the liquid which soaks the mask are there to firm up and moisturise the skin.

I had a lot of fun with this, although it proved to be impossible to take a decent photo of the glowing patterns in the dark. The bat shape and hands on the fabric were picked out in green, whilst a collection of stars and witches filled the gaps in yellow. I left it stuck on the bathroom wall, and had to get up in the night to close the door because the shapes were scarily visible.

Oh, and it also made my skin feel really smooth, so I will be buying this mask again.

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