Gold Gel Eye Mask

Gold Gel Eye Mask

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If ever there were such things as “Princess” eye patches, it is these. They shimmer with the golden glitter embedded in the thick floppy ‘jelly’ of the patches, which are shaped to fit underneath your eyes. I am not sure how any of the ingredients, which include collagen, lavender oil and gold, are actually able to work on your skin, as there was no noticeable transfer or ‘melting’ of the jelly. That said, they felt very soothing to wear and definitely made the skin under my eyes look smoother, tighter, and with a more even skin tone. I tried these out in the evening, and the effects were still very visible the following morning. I suspect the benefits are closely linked to the cool compress effect the patches have, and next time I buy these will be tempted to store them in the fridge to use again another day.

I bought these in Thailand, although they were clearly made in China. Luckily the packet had picture instructions on the back, with the recommendation that they should be worn for 30-60 minutes. Almost the only English on the packet was the proud boast that – as well as collagen – these contain CoQ10 or ubiquinone, which is apparently an enzyme produced naturally in the body, and which is available in tablet form as a health supplement.


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