Grace Mask

Grace Mask

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I have mentioned before how hard it can be sometimes to keep a sheet mask on your face. It tends to be loaded with product, so it drips and slides around.

The ever dependable Daiso may have an answer to that, with this silicone mask which you can wear on top to hold the sheet mask in place. As an added bonus, the top mask prevents the serum in the sheet mask from evaporating away, although to be honest I have never found this to be a problem.

Finally, if you don’t have a sheet mask to hand, you can wear the silicone mask by itself whilst in the bath, where it helps to steam your face. Once you are done, simply rinse it out and dry it ready to be used again.

Always game to try something new and interesting, I splashed out S$2 to give this a go. And if you can get over the really creepy look of this mask, especially when it is on your face, it does what it promises to do. My sheet mask stayed in place, the silicone mask seemed to stop it dripping, and I actually did feel the product had been absorbed better for being pressed into my skin.

I have bought more and sent them to daughters #1 and #2 to try, and await their verdicts with interest, but I will be using this again.