Grilled KitKats

Grilled KitKats


Japanese KitKat flavours are a thing of wonder, and I am sure I will run through the full menu at some point fairly soon.

This one, however, seemed to merit a mention all on its own – here is a mini chocolate bar which, although already an interesting cheesecake flavour, is also  is designed specifically to be grilled before eating.

There is no special magic involved, you simply unwrap it, pop it under a very hot grill for just a couple of minutes (not hot enough and it will simply melt, plus keep your eyes on it, as it cooks very quickly…) then enjoy the unusual variation on a familiar snack.

This particular KitKat is covered with white chocolate, presumably to enhance the appeal once the colour changes to golden caramel complete with bubbles and crispy edges. I don’t especially like white chocolate but here the hot melting texture gave a whole new depth to the flavour and made it a deliciously naughty treat.

Many of the 200+ KitKat variations unique to Japan are available only in limited and/or seasonal editions, so you have to snap these things up when you see them. These came as a bag of 13 miniatures from Shiok Japan in Singapore, for a very reasonable S$8.90.