Hair Charms

Hair Charms


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I spotted these in Selfridges in London, and was initially intrigued. Hair charms are apparently designed to clip onto corn row style braids, but I suppose if you were careful you could attach them to almost any sort of hairstyle if you wanted.

These seemed to be pretty expensive, at around £14 for a packet of gold or silver plated rings – only some of which had charms attached. Cheaper items were also on sale, including small safety pins painted in bright colours, which I feel sure I could have turned out myself quite easily for a lot less than the £5 per tiny bag.

To be honest, whilst these were an interesting idea, they reminded me of the tiny glittery plastic butterfly clips that my daughters and their friends used to wear when they were playing dressing-up. That was when they were in pre-school, which is possibly why I didn’t see a single grown-up wearing these new versions…