Hair Vacuum

Hair Vacuum

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen at the hairdressers since the arrival at my local salon in Tokyo 15 years ago, of a machine which washed your hair.

That gave me such a fit of the giggles that all the staff were laughing too by the time the revolving jets had shampooed and finished rinsing.

This innovation is considerably more sensible, and seems to do a better job, too.

Sadly, it is only available at barbers shops, where a quick spray rather than a proper wash seems to be the norm. In Japan, men have their hair washed both before and after a cut, to get rid of all those stray snippings. In Singapore, once the trimming is done, those annoying hairs are swiftly removed with a vacuum hose.

Thanks to my husband for letting me take photos… this clearly works a treat!