Hair Velcro

Hair Velcro

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This sounds ridiculous, I know, but bear with me…

You know how, when you use a face mask or some other messy product, it tends to get stuck in your hair? And how much worse that is if you actually have a fringe? Of course you can use a hairband, but I cannot be the only person who then finds myself looking like I have been through a hedge backwards – fringe going in every direction other than the one I want.

This could be the answer. Credit card sized pieces of plastic ‘mat’ with Velcro-like spikes on one side, which you use to scoop your hair away from your face and hold it in place for your treatment. The spikes are long enough to act like a little comb, the item stays in place, and when you remove it, your hair seems none the worse for wear.

I had not even noticed these on the shelves of cosmetic stores in Asia, but once you know what to look for, they are everywhere. They were introduced to me and daughter #2 at one of those sampling sessions where beauticians let you play with all their products in the hope that you will buy. We loved them, and (oops…) these were the only things we invested in afterwards. At S$4 for a packet of 2 or 3 – depending on size and shape – they are the best value for money beauty aid I have come across in a very long time.