HotChoc Spoon Luxe

HotChoc Spoon Luxe

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These were a surprise find in a Hong Kong supermarket, although they appear to be made in The Netherlands. The idea seemed very interesting, with a cube of chocolate moulded round a bamboo spoon and a squeezy vial of alcohol embedded alongside. Ay HK$35, they were temptingly good value and looked like they might make a tasty nightcap.

Such instructions as there are consisted of simple line drawings – heat milk, stir in the chocolate until it melts, and squeeze in the alcohol attached. I decided to try both the Grand Marnier and the lime vodka versions (not at the same time, obviously…)

In practise, the chocolate proved difficult to melt, and no amount of stirring could take away the grainy texture that eventually resulted. I also found there was nowhere near enough chocolate or alcohol for my taste, and had to spice it up a bit with a generous dollop of my homemade chocolate orange vodka.

Next time I fancy something like this I will make it from scratch with cocoa powder so I can get the taste just right.

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