Injection Mask

Injection Mask

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Here’s a fascinating new variation on sheet masks – it comes with a syringe loaded with 2 different solutions. You press the plunger and shake the syringe to combine the 2, then pop open the plastic lid in the middle of the packet and inject the mix over the mask. It all seems very scientific, with the idea that the serum in the syringe adds something fresh and extra to the product already on the mask inside the packet.

This comes from Oozoo, which of course is a Korean brand, and promises a Hydro Lift effect. It was otherwise a perfectly normal sheet mask, which you leave on for 20 minutes or so before tapping in the excess product, although in this case the solution was very thick and left my face with a sticky sheen.

It was rather more expensive than the usual masks, at S$7.50, but I thought I could see a difference the next day, with my skin feeling tighter and more toned. I will probably buy this again.