Instant Sticky Rice

Instant Sticky Rice

The clue here is in the word ‘instant’, which should also be a warning…

There really is no substitute for doing things properly, and that includes naughty desserts. My all-time favourite of these is mango with sticky rice, and of course making the rice takes ages and a lot of care. So even though I knew in my heart that anything from a packet that promised to be ready in 4 minutes was never going to be a patch on the real thing, there it was at eye level in a Bangkok supermarket and I could not resist.

You will note that the packet contained freeze dried durian rather than mango, but as I can really live without durian in any shape or form, I told myself I would junk that part of the kit and try the rice with fresh mango instead.

It was a good theory, and under the circumstances it was reasonably successful. Following the instructions on the packet, I added water and popped the rice into the microwave. It came out looking very sloppy, but thickened up once the coconut milk powder was stirred in, at which point I added the mango.

The verdict – it wasn’t great but it was way better than I was anticipating, and I ate a fair amount before remembering how many calories this dessert contains. I won’t buy this again, but it was an interesting experiment and will make me appreciate the real thing even more the next time I have the chance to eat it.