Kama Sutra Pillow

Kama Sutra Pillow

There is not much excuse for this, except that I was stuck in Kathmandu airport waiting for a flight which was hideously delayed, and was looking round the one shop at the gate for something on which to spend my otherwise useless remaining rupees.

So here, from Mountain Magic, is a handcrafted kama sutra pillow, packaged with suitably racy illustration, and guaranteed to ‘pep up your love life’.

Stop laughing.

This contains ‘an aphrodisiac blend of 16 specially prepared herbs which have been potentized by Tibetan monks to stimulate and arouse both male and female energies’.

We’ll pass over the whole bit about the monks, which just sounds wrong, and look at the herbs involved. Here’s a selection of them and how they are supposed to help.

Juniper: purifies and summons divine energies.

Sandalwood: transmutes sexual energies and strengthens nerves.

Cardamon: awakens the inner fire, arousing clarity and joy.

Black pepper: stimulates the senses.

Black mustard seed: stirs heat through the body’s channels.

The instructions say to knead the pillow softly to awaken the aromas, then tuck it among your bed pillows so you can inhale the scent whilst sleeping.

It’s a small pillow, barely 12 x 15 cm, and neatly enclosed in a brocade pillow case with some suitably Tibetan symbols worked in. It even smells quite nice, in a vaguely medicinal way. If it has any noticeable effect, I shall consider letting you know….