Lace Mask Sheet

Lace Mask Sheet

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Here’s another variation on the sheet mask theme, again from Korea although this time from banila co. The ‘it Radiant’ hydrogel mask sheet actually comes in 2 parts, which you apply after cleansing and toning, then leave for 20 to 40 minutes. Instead of the usual cottony fabric soaked in product, this is made from a gelatinous film, which daughter #2 described as ‘sort of slimy’. She did admit later to finding her skin was markedly soft and smooth afterwards, which means it can’t have been all bad.

The nice thing about this mask, quite apart from the happy descriptions of the ingredients and likely results, is that the film is printed with a pretty pattern like lace. It is white, which means the look is very subtle, but it hits the right note of delicate feminity this brand seems to be aiming for. I bought it in Sasa in Hong Kong, but will buy it again if I see it here in Singapore.