Lava Croissants

Lava Croissants

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There’s always a new food craze hitting the streets of Singapore, and one of the latest is the salted egg yolk croissant. It’s the combination here which is new – salted egg yolk sauces have been around for a long time, although they are more commonly found gracing seafood dishes like fried prawns. The rich taste and sandy texture are surprisingly good, although I hate to imagine what the calorie and cholesterol count must be.

Introducing this sauce as a croissant filling is at first glance a bit of a stretch, but then, no more strange than offering a ham and cheese filled version of what is essential a sweet pastry item.

The idea first came from Hong Kong, and was swiftly taken up by bakeries in Malaysia, arriving here in Singapore earlier this year. As happens with local food trends, those places producing the new treat found themselves overrun – one café apparently had to stop serving dinners in order to keep the ovens busy churning out enough croissants to fulfil demand. Other places, forced to limit the numbers of these treats available every day, saw massive queues of people determined to get to the head of the line before the croissants ran out. Prices soared… you could pay more than S$7 for a single pastry at the more upmarket cafes.

People are still queuing for those, but the chain bakeries are now also hitting their stride, and Bread Talk has mini versions available for just S$1 each. Of course I had to try one, and am pleased to report that it was much nicer than I was expecting. The salted egg yolk seemed to have been sweetened to suit the croissant better than the traditional savoury version, which was a bonus. With the bargain price tag, I cannot complain, but I have to say there appeared to be far less filling in my croissant than is suggested by the illustrative banner (see below). Not that this was a problem, as the salted egg yolk was still so rich I had trouble eating half of what was really a tiny pastry. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination going to become a regular guilty treat, but I was glad to have sampled this and look forward to the next thing to inspire the local foodies.

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